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Are you looking for a good pizza in Milan? Then you should absolutely give a try to Momus, the real Napoli pizza in the north of Italy.

Momus, cozy restaurant in the Brera district, is one of the place in the entire Lumbardy where to eat a nice and good pizza at a very reasonable prices.

Since 2004 Momus has always made pizza the old style with one word in mind: quality. All pizzas in the menu are made using only fresh and real italian ingredients: tomatoes and mozzarella above all but also olives, ham and so on.

Momus restaurant pizzeria in Milan is without any doubt the best place to take a lunch break, to have a nice after theatre dinner or simply if you like to taste something good and have a good night out.

Momus in nearby Piazza Castello in Milan, few minutes walk to Parco Sempione, one of the nicest park in the city. Closest tube stations are Lanza Brera Piccolo Teatro and Cairoli Castello.

Choose Momus and enjoy the real taste of italian pizza.

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