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Restaurantin Brera Milan

Are you in Milan and are looking for a nice restaurant in Brera Milan? Momus, one of the nicest restaurant-pizzeria in Milan, is the answer. Whether you are planning a night out with your partner or with your friends, or simply want to taste something different and nice, this restaurant is the one.

Menu includes appetizers such as “bruschetta with tomatoes”, main dishes such as pasta made in several ways, side dishes such as meat, salads, desserts and, of course, pizza. To be honest, Momus is one of the best pizzeria in Milan: just fresh ingredients to make a fabulous pizza, hard to forget.

Situated in the centre of Milan since 2004, few minutes by walk to Piazza Castello and Parco Sempione, is the ideal pizzeria to have a dinner out in the centre of Milan, ready for the amazing nightlife of the city.

Quality and coziness, plus very affordable prices, are the main reasons to choose Momus.

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