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Momus, the best restaurant Expogate

Are you looking for a great restaurant where you can try fine Italian dishes made by the hands of professionals? Look no further! The small and charming Momus is a great choice for your Milan adventure. The waiters are extremely friendly and eager to please, the chefs have a sensitive palate and years of experience, and the food is absolutely delicious. The restaurant also has a convenient location – right around the corner from some of the best sites in Milan – Brera, Duomo, Parco Sempione, Stazione Cadorna, and many more.

It is also considered to be the best restaurant Expogate and Expo Milan visitors can enjoy. Expo Milan is a grand exhibition in which over 140 countries send innovators who present their technological advancements in the field of agriculture, production, etc. Its goal is healthy and available nutrition for all. Expogate is an impressive sight which leads visitors into the exhibition. It is located in the historic part of Milan, along with many other famous sites.

While in the historic centre, you can visit the exhibition and some other sites, and sit down for some delicious pizza or pasta at Momus. And if you’re tired of the traditional Italian cuisine, you can try their range of interesting and refreshing salads, or if you want something more substantial, they offer a range of meats and seafood, just some of which are: American-style steak, veal cutlet, beef tenderloin, grilled seafood, etc.

So, if you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere, great food and tasty wines, Momus is the choice for you.