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Pizzeriarestaurant in Milan

If you like to taste something good and typical Italian, you can choose Momus, one of the best pizzeria restaurant in Milan.

The restaurant specialized in main dishes, such as “spaghetti pomodoro e basilica” (tomato and basil), “spaghetti carbonara” and “linguine allo scoglio” (linguine with sea fruit).

Momus is also the right choice when you want to eat something out before going deeper in the crazy night of Milan.

At dinner, the restaurant cook most of its meat and fish dishes, such as steak and salmon, so tasty.

Do you like pizza Italian style? No problem at all, menu includes several kind of pizzas, from the classic ones (as Margherita and Marinara) to “Luxuria” (with tomato, mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola cheese, salami and olives) and “Baby” (with fried chips).

Momus is in the centre of Milan, few minutes walk to Piazza Castello and Parco Sempione.

Discover the real Italian cuisine by Momus: tasty, friendly and cheap.

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