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If you do not know where to eat in the evening, before starting your crazy Milan night, Momus is the perfect Milan restaurant pizzeria for every need.

From the first courses to the main courses, without forgetting the side dishes and pizzas (cooked with a wood oven, for even greater and more unique taste), Momus offers dishes for every palate, even the finest, from the classic Milanese and Lombard cuisine up to to Italian and international dishes.

Some examples? Milanese or seafood risotto (always fresh), risotto with sausage and spinach, tomato and basil spaghetti, classic fresh Lombard sedan (with sausage and red wine), Sicilian tuna fillet, grilled beef sirloin American, squid stew and much more.

Each dish is prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients, for an amazing result from an aesthetic point of view and practically perfect from the point of view of taste.

Milan, the economic capital of the country; but not only.

In Milan you can have the feeling of being in Montmartre.

The small alleys that intersect, paved with cobblestones are full of artists, students of the Academy of Fine Arts, some painter who paints his paintings on the street.

An air of sparkling cultural vitality that seems extraneous to this city, usually remembered only for business.

We are in Brera, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Milan; its name has the etymology in braida, which means uncultivated land, precisely because it was located outside the city.

But over time it has become the heart of the city itself; it is the cultural center of Milan, the place of art, the artists’ quarter, and not by chance.

Nowhere else in the Lombard capital are poetic glimpses like here; in no other district do you breathe art and culture like this.

Here is located the Pinacoteca, in a 1600 Palace, which also houses the Academy of Fine Arts, the Museum of the Risorgimento and the Biblioteca Braidense.

We are talking about a special place: The dead Christ of Mantegna, the marriage of the Virgin of Raphael, are kept here, to name a few.

Just breathing this air makes you feel all the power of these ancient walls, of these streets where little or nothing has changed.

Also in Brera there is the Botanical Garden, not very well known in Milan, but which is instead a true oasis of peace, so much so as to seem not to be in Milan.

Here, this is the Brera district, the soul of the city.

Pizzeria Ristorante Milano: why choose Brera?

There are certainly no shortage of pizzerias and restaurants in Milan: every area is supplied and of every kind.

Why then eat in Brera? If the reasons that we have listed before were not enough, we must also say that the culinary offer of the area is the most variegated, with an eye to Italian cuisine.

Yes, because eating sushi is fun, sometimes; a hamburger is fast, but sitting in front of a well-made pizza or a really well-cooked dish is unmatched.

Many places in the area have maintained their classicism, without distorting the location in the neighborhood; even those newly opened, which have rejuvenated the streets a little, have never gone out of line.

Some of them, however, have something more, has a vein of tradition more, a more pronounced family air.

Among these pizzerias, among these restaurants is definitely to remember Momus.

Momus is a pizza restaurant that has enjoyed its dishes for more than a decade and, where the competition is so fierce, it means that the quality is certainly excellent.

Momus still has the look of the rustic trattoria, with wooden tables and checkered tablecloths that make it a real gem: no frills, without modern exaggerations that would sting in the place where it is located.

Momus is a welcoming, spacious, but quiet, quiet restaurant, the perfect place to stay in total relaxation and enjoy unique moments.

Whether you are alone, in pairs, with friends or simply with your family for a pizza, it feels good: this is the best feature of Momus, to make us feel good.

If you add to this that the choice of menu is varied and of excellent quality, it is clear that it is essential to try.

Prices? It’s expensive? Not at all: among the premises you will find in Momus one of the best quality / price ratios in Milan.

Choose the Milano Momus pizza restaurant and you will see that your Milanese evening will really start “great”.

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