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PizzeriaBrera Milan

Are you looking for a place to eat the real Neapolitan pizza in the center of Milan?

There is Momus, the best pizzeria Brera Milano, just a few minutes from Parco Sempione and Piazza Castello.

Momus is the perfect place for those (couples, groups of friends or families) want to taste a pizza made for good.

The menu offers a decidedly wide choice, from the classic “Margherita”, “Marinara” and “Prosciutto e funghi” to the more particular “Monzese”, “Parmigiana”, “Sportiva”, “Fumè” and “Primavera”.

If, instead of pizza, you prefer to enjoy something different, like a good first or second course, no problem, since Momus is also a restaurant and is ready to make you taste really unique flavors.

Momus offers a friendly atmosphere, dishes made with fresh and genuine products, kind and considerate staff and unbeatable prices.

Choose Momus for your couple’s evening, for an outing with friends or simply to start off on your Milan night with the right foot.

The modern Milan capital of the economy is undoubtedly interesting, but breathing the air of the Old City has no real price.

To relive those atmospheres you have to move in the Brera district.

Walking in this area, it seems to be back in time, at the beginning of the 20th century; the new restaurants and trendy clubs have not removed anything of that charm, rather they bring out even more what the tradition has remained.

Brera is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the capital of Milan.

The streets are narrow, cobbled; life seems to pulsate in every corner; the constant presence of artists makes the neighborhood alive, so much so that it has become one of the meeting points of Milan’s nightlife.

Walking along the alleys of Brera you can find all the charm of a city too often seen only as a place of business.

If you can live the atmosphere that you breathe here, then it will seem not to be in Milan: if you remember that the third Sunday of the month there is a market of the most characteristic of the city, then it will be the best.

The premises, bars, restaurants, pizzerias that are present in the area increase this feeling of real life and far.

Brera, the historic district of Milan, has become less Milanese than other areas and very cosmopolitan, tourist and this has meant that the offer of culinary hospitality has greatly developed.

MOMUS: welcome home

It’s true, the neighborhood is full of places to stop and eat, after having tasted the beauties of the place or after a visit to the Art Gallery, but it happens that you want to stay in a place that is not “snob”, that gives the feeling of being come home.

Then the choice falls on Momus.

A pizzeria-restaurant where the atmosphere you have tasted until then will not be lost.

The reception is friendly but not intrusive; the food is great and the value for money excellent.

The rustic furniture, with the characteristic checkered tablecloths, gives the environment that sense of vagueness and bohemian air that is good for the soul, especially in a city as convulsed as Milan.

The restaurant has been open since 2004 and since then has always kept alive the culinary tradition of great quality.

Do not be fooled by the unsophisticated appearance, eating here can be a surprise: that you order a pizza, a fillet or a fish course, the quality will always be excellent.

The simplicity of the furniture is what it takes to relax and feel at peace, far from stress and racing against time.

A true experience of serenity, accompanied by good food, warm welcome and good price.

A real welcome at home: this is how you feel to enter the room and there is nothing more beautiful than entering a familiar place, because the fatigue seems to disappear in front of a glass of wine or beer (the choice is excellent) and a steaming dish.

Try to stop and you will hear a little voice that will whisper: welcome home!

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