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Meatand fish restaurant in Milan

Are you looking for a nice place to spend a different evening than usual?

Come from Momus, restaurant-pizzeria in the center of Milan (we are in front of the Castle, in Piazza Castello, in front of the Sempione Park) where you can enjoy appetizers, first courses, main courses and pizzas prepared “in a workmanlike manner”.

Momus is known for being the best meat and fish restaurant in Milan, chosen every day by many people to enjoy unique products.

The menu includes, among the meat dishes, fresh Sicilian tuna fillet, mixed grilled meat, veal cutlet alla Milanese, beef cut, while for the second course of fish there is sea bass or sea bream grill, frying shrimp and calamari, squid stew.

Since 2004 we have been working on keeping the characteristics of simplicity and taste of our products intact. Moreover we are sure to offer you a unique and welcoming environment from every point of view.

The cuisine of Milanese tradition, has very ancient origins, although over the centuries has suffered many influences, is a kitchen, originally, poor, of peasant tradition whose main ingredients were beef, vegetables and pork, for mostly cooked with the help of butter, rather than with oil, a condiment that belongs more to the culinary tradition of the South of the country.

The influences that the Lombard and Milanese gastronomy in particular has suffered are many and varied as provenance: just think that one of the traditional dishes, the Milanese cutlet, is a review of the Viennese schnitzel, of Hapsburg memory: also the classic bread of city, the michette, originates in the Austrian name.

The meatballs of the Milanese grandmothers, are of Spanish origin, or more properly Iberian that imported them from the Arab culinary tradition.

But the truly Milanese cuisine, if it is a reference for the whole of Lombardy cuisine, is not just that.

Some of the typical dishes, now have crossed the threshold of the region to rise to traditional Italian dishes, and are universally known.

Milan, the home of the Sforza family, the homeland of panettone, is a cosmopolitan city also in the culinary sense: it is open to all trends and to every introduction in the kitchen, as long as they are good food.

This also applies to a cuisine made of fish, which one would think not really in the ropes of the city. Lombard.

Instead it is good to know that Milan is one of the cities in which we consume more fish, of the highest quality.

The port in the Lombard capital of fish that comes from Venice, the Adriatic, Liguria, Puglia and Sicily, has favored a seafaring cuisine where the sea is not there.

Milan is one of the Italian cities where more fish is consumed: the restaurants that have it on the menu are many and varied.

Momus is among the restaurants that serve fish menus in Milan.

Located in the old part of the city, Brera, has to its credit a varied and rich menu that combines the tradition of traditional Milanese cuisine, to that less characteristic of fish.

Ossobuco, risotto “giallo”, are strong points that give the Lombard identity to the restaurant; Fish dishes cooked with skill and that are made of first choice ingredients, complete the richness.

The main courses of meat and fish are a crowning achievement to this excellent cuisine in its simplicity, where the quality of the raw material is combined with the love of cooking and the only real objective of the restaurant: customer satisfaction.

You will find dishes that can satisfy any type of palate: grilled meats, fish and vegetables, are served in a friendly and serene atmosphere.

The right place to enjoy a dinner with friends, or a romantic evening, away from the chaos of the city.

Because, despite being in the heart of the Lombard capital, you can enjoy a tranquility marked only by the echo of the steps in the adjacent streets, enlivened by the scents of the kitchen, without deafening noises.

A place to share.

Momus is the ideal venue for an evening for two, for an outing with friends or family.

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